Worlds Collide

Into the Void

For Will

You are on shift when the first explosion rips through the bay. Attacks are no rarity in Kumak thanks to its close orbit to the outer hull. But this. This is something different. You have never seen the sheer scale and coordination of an attack like this. From your bay you witness the outer hull being breached and sucking an entire fang of void fighters and their crew out into the vacuum of space. Emergency systems activate and lock down the gaping holes. Alarms sound and dragon blooded pilots scramble to their fighters. You run for your work line. You are the senior tech for fighters 23 through 27. Your team works with practiced efficiency and within seconds the first two fighters are out of the bay. You are personally checking the elemental core for number 26 when the explosion hits your bay. The vacuum hits you instantly. The pilot and crew standing beside the fighter vanish. You feel the cold of space race through your entire body threatening to stop your heart. You feel blood feel your lungs and have to squeeze your eyes shut to keep them in your skull. You skid along the frame of the fighter nearly unconscious. “No. Not this way. I have to survive just a bit longer.” as if on cue you feel yourself slide across the cockpit’s metal canopy. Instinctively your hand reaches for the access pad. You trace the arcane sigils required to release the seal. The hiss from the escaping air nearly forces you off the plane. You manage to blindly pull yourself inside and secure the hatch. It is an agonizing half second before you feel the pressure build back up. You chock down as much air as you can and begin to bring the ship online again. Without a Dragon Blood’s essence you won’t be able to use any of the weapons but you begin to reroute power and overload the elemental core. This will allow you to fly for a few moments before the core explodes. Hopefully you can destroy a few of the demon spawn before you die from blood loss. You open your eyes for the first time and see the gigantic battle before you through a screen of white pain. A swarm has descended upon the outer hull of the Gunstar. Behind you something massive is trying to crawl into the bay you were just blown out of. There is nothing you can do about it without damaging the Gunstar more but you might be able to attack the whale like creature directly behind it. The creature is covered in Navkie. Imp like creatures with razor sharp talons and poisonous venom. They are approaching the same breach ready to invade. You rotate the ship around and speed towards it. At max speed you will only have a few seconds before impact. You utter a small prayer and smile inside knowing the pain will soon end. The Navkie launch themselves onto your ship as soon as its in range. Their talons rip open the cockpit and you are pulled out into the void again seconds before the impact of the ship destroys the beast in a shower of blue flame and acid blood. Instead of the shocking cold you expect you feel only coolness. Your eyes are open without any pain. At first you are sure you have died until the shocked look of the demon clinging to you snaps you back to reality. A silver light surrounds you. You watch wordlessly as your wounds close themselves. You breath in the essence of the void and your lungs accept it. The demon claws desperately at you but your wounds heal too fast. With amazing ease you reach forward with hands now covered in wolf’s fur and talons and rip the creature in two. You float suspended in darkness for a moment before you see her. The woman in silver and white. The most beautiful creature you have ever seen as she radiates an aura of mystery and motherly love. “My brave one. Your work has just begun. Avenge me. Avenge us. Take back what is rightfully ours. Go now.” she grasps your hand and flings you towards the breach in your bay. You crash to the ground just as the hole slams closed from the emergency spider automatons. Before you Navkie and other foul creatures are attacking everything they can. You catch a glimpse of your wolf hybrid war form in a reflection of polished metal. You smile to yourself and inhale a deep breath. The hunt is on.


With words from the mysterious voice still echoing into my head I quickly move towards the Navkie with a blood curdling roar. Their bodies feel like paper as my talons shred through them. I lunge at one of the other fool creatures latching my jaws around its neck. As I rip a chunk of flesh for it the blood dripping down my mouth feels oddly refreshing. I ignore the feeling and tell myself that so far nothing has been normal today. I tell myself that I need to start helping any survivors in the bay.

Into the Void

You scythe your way through the minions. Most erupt in a shower of gore. Some try to flee at the sight of you. If they run they are hunted down. You enter one of the main maintenance bays that seems to be eerily quiet. Body parts lie scattered all around. Something sends a chill up your spine. A garbled voice flashes through your mind. You feel like you were just here. You shake it off just as the smell of brimstone fills your nostrils. The wall to your left explodes open. A creature 18 feet tall at the shoulder stalks in growling in a dozen animal voices. Again another flash of fighting this creature but you can’t quite make it out. The beast is armored in slick organic metallic plates. It has razor sharp foot long spines from its neck down to its barbed whip like nine tails. It’s limps are at least at think as the trees in Nurad. Eyes cover its body glowing red in the dim light. It opens is giant razor lined maw and reveals a long serpentine tongue capable of wrapping its victims in a crushing embrace and pulling them in to be devoured. It’s 6inch claws drip a black viscous venom as it stalks around you low like a cat waiting to attack…..

Into the Void

This creature seems familiar. I grin as my heart starts to race. This feeling is exhilarating. For some reason I feel like this beast will give me a challenge. I bolt at it reaching for its tongue. As soon as I get a hold of it without hesitation I kick the bottom of its mouth with all my force. I jump back onto a work bench and grab some screwdrivers and throw it at the monster puncturing some of it’s eyes.

Into the Void

The beast doesn’t even seem to notice. It charges you with speed unlike anything you have seen before. You carve deep trenches along its back with your new claws as you vault over its face. Unfortunately, as soon as you land the beast is already waiting for you. It swipes your legs out from under you and pins you to the floor. You manage to roll at the last second and bring up the shattered toolbox to parry the stinger from its tail. You cross your arms to keep its claws from burrowing in your chest. It’s only a matter of time before your bones snap and it crushes and devours you. Suddenly you calm yourself and as though you have done this a thousand times before, reach deep into your Essence and use it to unlock Elsewhere. Luna’s Fangs appear in your hands with a flash of silvery light. Though you’ve never touched these artifacts before you know they are yours and know them instinctively. Two massive silver revolvers with razor sharp polished silver blades attached to the barrel from underneath. Close inspection of the blades reveal the hundreds of tiny adamant saw blades so perfectly honed that it looks as if the teeth form a single smooth blade. The chamber is a triple design. Three rotating barrel chambers feed rounds into the barrel of each gun. After all 9 rounds are expended from the active chamber, the entire mechanism rotates and feeds from the next barrel chamber allowing the revolvers to fire 27 times before needing a reload. The barrels have intricately carved wolf motifs etched on every inch of them. The grips are solid ivory covered in demon hide leather stripped from one of the souls of Theion. These weapons radiate beauty and deadliness. Silently the teeth of the blade begin to spin……

(Post what you do from here)

Into the Void

As it attempts to bring its claw down I use my blades like scissors trying to hack off its leg. as it staggers I regain my footing. I start shooting the creatures eyes maybe this time it will have some affect. I run at the beast using one of the gunblades to stab it in the mouth and saw off someone its teeth. I pull the gunblade back. The the other gun I use my unnatural strength and jab it into the roof of its mouth. Then I proceed to unload rounds into what I hope is the creatures brain.

Into the Void

Six rounds explode out of the top of the creatures head. It howls in pain and sprays blood and brain matter all over the room. As soon as the blood hits the ground it hisses and disolves into a viscous smoke. The creature bucks you off and you slide across the ground landing upright on your feet. The beast staggers forward obviously wounded. Now is the time to finish it off. The smoke feels like it is burning your lungs…..

Into the Void

I run at the creature and slide under it using my guns to carve open its chest cavity and rip out its heart. Once the creature dies I quickly leave the room through the hole the creature made to get a way from the acid like smoke.

Into the Void

The creature howls and splits into giant heaps of stinking meat. The gas is filling your lungs. If feels as if you are drowning in liquid fire. You stumble out of the hole in the wall tripping over bodies. You land with a thud in front of a familiar corpse. You can barely see through the pain and you are coughing up bits of your lungs. Your vision clears for a second and you see the corpse’s face. It’s you. Or it used to be you in your last incarnation. You remember battling ten of the beasts you just fought before seeing the brass spear stab through your chest from behind. You can’t see the figure. “Traitor”. It’s your last word as a bullet explodes through your head.
You snap back to reality and the pain from your lungs. If you killed one of the creatures then where did the others go? Two inhuman roars directly in front of you answer your question. Your vision starts to fade to black when you hear a roar of pain and see a silver disk hit and burrow its way into one of the creatures. The shadowy outline of a woman blocks your vision. Then everything goes black.

You wake up in human form again. You are in a tube filled with liquid. A beautiful woman with short silver white hair stands on the other side of the glass. “Welcome back to the land of the living. I was told you would be awake soon. We replaced your lungs. You should be fully healed in a few hours. Rest up. We have much to talk about when you recover.” With that she turns and walks out a nearby hatch. A technician taps on the glass. “Rest well lord. We should be finished with the last treatment soon. The funeral for Ma-Ha-Suchi will be tonight and you will be expected to present yourself. The Deliberative hasn’t had an instantaneous Exaltation in over 2000 years. Today we had two. It’s very exciting. But enough of my rambling. All will be explained in due time. For now just relax Lord. We will fix you right up.”

End of chapter 1

Into the Void

Its almost been a full year since your Second Breath. You spent months learning your new station in life. You are treated as a national hero. Your actions helped delay the onset of Kimberry’s swarm. You were one of only two documented cases of instantaneous Exaltation in over 1300 years. You attended the funeral of your predecessor Ma-Ha-Suchi. The legendary wolf with the red roses. Today you will meet him for the first time.

You are traveling to Sova to the Sagacious Council of Falling Stars. You will meet with the malki of Ma-Ha-Suchi. His form has only recently stabalized and there are rumors that his personality may have been damaged in the imprint. After that you are scheduled to meet with Master Raios and Lady Rain. They seem to have taken a personal interest in you and they have personally invited you to join their personal Void Hunt.
You must also meet with the Deliberative Armourers and develop your own personal armoury. You look at your desk in your tiny office in Hadal. Several holographic reports are hovering above it. These are the resumes of the Dragon Blooded officers selected for you to review as your personal staff.

(What do you want to do? I will be posting the bios of the dragon bloods to see if you want them soon. Master Raios has offered to help you develop your own personal fighting style if you want. All you have to do is answer back. You can also petition I AM (an artificially intelligent internet that will work answer any questions you have) for the bios of Acaleus Raios and his wife Sura Rain.) Any gear you want you can also petition the armorer for. Any questions just text me and we can talk it out before you post. You also have an option for extensive bio organic and cybernetic modifications but Master Raios is a leading proponet of transhumanism and may be the person to talk to. Ma-Ha-Suchi’s personality was downloaded into a virtual archive known as the malki. You will be speaking with him soon. You can read a bit of the Malki in the Shards of the Exalted Dream Gunstar portion or in the Compass book Autochonia. Text me with any questions.

Into the Void

I want to see the dragon blood bios. also respond to Master Raios let him know that i would like to learn a personal fighting style.

Into the Void

“No body runs. No one makes it out alive”. Your vision fades and you find yourself in a flashback. They are becoming more and more frequent. You will have to get the seals checked. You relax and fade into the past.

Raios’s face is completely obscured by the demon skull motif of his helmet. He fades from sight an instant later. “Remember Suchi, no survivors. This is a complete purge.” You nod in agreement and and check your pistols. You banish them and assume the shape of a fly. You enter the void cult’s hideout in the middle of their leader’s sermon. The vision skips forward. You see a shadow slicing his way through the cultists body guards. You slip into somewhere dark and warm and assume your true form. You explode from the leader’s body in a shower of gore unloading your pistols into the two closest cultists. The vision skips forward.

“Where is the spy?!” Your voice sounds alien. You realize its not really yours but the voice of Ma-Ha-Suchi. You are holding a trembling teenager off the ground by his throat. “Don’t worry. We have ways of making you talk.” Raios’ golden fanged maw fades into sight as a stark contrast to the utter black skull of the rest of his facemask. You could see how he would absolutely terrifying to a mortal. Then you see your own bloodsoaked claws…….

You snap back to reality. You look down at the dragon blooded bios: Isairos Nyx, Air Aspect, Elder status, Specializing in espionage and wetwork.

Lythos Cain, Fire aspect, Elder Status, BladeMaster and legendary soldier. Retired to bodyguard status.

Emerald Lynx, Wood aspect. Senior dragon, Hacking specialist and poisoner, Expert in hand to hand combat.

Juno and Rea Sarkar, Water blood twins, sniper team. Young but highly recommended.

You also see the summary of Onyx:

Onyx Hammer of Enlightenment- Alchemical Starmetal Caste, Overseer of your Estate. Has served primarily in assault and care taker roles.

As a celestial you are free to requisition any or all of these Exalts.

Your armorer Violent Scion of Dawn has also requested your presence when time permits to talk about upgrading your weaponry.

Into the Void

Request to meet with Juno and Rea Sarkar. A sniper team would be very helpful in the future. Until they get here I’ll head to the armorer to see what can be done with my current equipement.

Into the Void

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