Worlds Collide

Aboard the Gunstar

For Mike:

You just finished your post and made it back to your barracks room. Its another rainy night in Estasia. Three more weeks and you will have completed your basic training in the Deliberative Army. You have already received the first set of minor augmentations. You are faster, stronger, smarter, and healthier than you have ever been. Your eyesight is nearly perfect in the low light conditions. You reach your small rack and check your gear out of habit. Everything is in its place. The guards are changing shifts. Everyone near you is either sleeping or are quietly preparing themselves for sleep. You lay in your rack and drift off to sleep.

You aren’t sure if its the flash of green light or the thunderous explosion that awakens you. Something is very wrong. The alarms scream to life and acknowledge your worst fears. The base is being attacked. Here. In the heart of the Deliberative. You are nearly finished strapping on your armor and checking your gear before you are fully conscious. Your weeks of Tiger Warrior Training seem to have paid off. Captain Talos would surely be pleased with your squad’s performance. If only he were here. In the back of your mind you wonder if this could be a drill. A final test. You get your answer as you clear the door to your squad bay and see the bodies scattered around. Hundreds of them. Recruits and even Dragon Blooded officers lay in tatters. Your armor’s visor heightens your senses but you still can’t see what is causing the chaos.
Ten feet away you spot Sergeant Lucian…….


do I take it from here

Aboard the Gunstar

yes, click under my comments to kinda get an idea of how its supposed to work.

Aboard the Gunstar

Before you make it to Sgt Lucian you see the swarm. Navkies. Demonic gremlins that attack by the hundreds. Members of the lowest tier of Kimberry’s souls. They pour over the buildings and walls leaping and clawing at anything that moves. For every one that falls, two more take its place. In the distance you see at least four brutes demolishing vehicles and the warstrider hangar. Mostly you see the shadow. A gigantic beast looms overhead darkening everything below. At least 300 ft tall, this spider creature seems to be carrying all of the swarm. They literally are pouring off of its scaley hide. Where it opens its giant maw, jets of green acid dissolve everything in its path. You see a bright golden light attacking the creature. Like a pulsing star it bounces off of the creature wounding it over and over again. You are certain that it can only be Master Darus. The veteran Dawn Caste commands the training facility that you are stationed at. You unsheathe your sword and check the rounds in your Stormbringer heavy pistol. You mutter a prayer to the Machine God and the Exalted Host and throw yourself into the fray.

Aboard the Gunstar
With my stormbringer in one hand and a sword in the other I charge forward. Blasting and slashing to the gigantic creature , looking like a tornado of red mist leaving destruction in my wake. Limbs of the evil little gremlins go falling to the wayside. I get over come bny a swarm while I try to reload. Seeing the mass close in on me I grab the closest one and bash his mouth in with the butt of mt gun makinga hole big enough for me to jam my hand down his throat and dropping a grenade in his gut. I grab his ankles and rip him off and roll him into the hhhhhhswarm like a bothe bawling bal. A massive hole is now in
Aboard the Gunstar

The creatures start to scatter before your onslaught. Sgt Lucian looks wounded and nearly out of strength. You can’t get too close to him because of the anima vortex ravaging everything around him. He pulls his black jade daiklave out of the corpse from one of the brutes. His anima is pulling the liquid from the blood and bodies and whipping it around him in a hurricane of blood and water. Anything that comes close to him is ripped apart. There is a blinding flash in the sky and three of the giant spider creatures legs erupt into golden flame. “We are turning them back!” Shouts Lucian. “Someone brought the monstrosities into our gates. Send them back to hell!” The shadows seem to recoil for an instant before dozens of jet black warriors suddenly leap from them. At first you are sure they are more enemies until you see seven of them converge on another brute bringing it down in seconds. “The Deathless!” “Reinforcements have arrived. Push forward!” In the sky, a second solar flare springs to life. Gold and black. It flares iconically into the field of blades associated with Master Raios. Things must be bad for two Solars to be called in. Dozens of elemental animas flare as the dragon blooded push forward once more to destroy the demonic horde.

(Give me one more good fight scene before you exalt)

Aboard the Gunstar

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